Our Culture

Our Culture at GLC

For attorneys Joseph Freschi and Annie Betinol taking pride in their work isn’t just about who they are as attorneys -- it’s also about who they are not. Both have spent time in law firms, observing cultures that too often focused on their own success that they failed to give the entrepreneurial and corporate clients depending on them the full attention they deserved. Working in environments like these let them see the kind of lawyers they didn’t want to be --- and understand what being an attorney really should mean.

Business isn’t just about making profits. It’s not just about financial success. It’s about building something that makes a difference in the world. And being lawyers at a small firm lets Joseph and Annie play important roles in that process. For them, having the opportunity to use their expertise as a constructive force and as a strategic partner is what being an attorney really means.

Joseph and Annie believe that they need a clear understanding of their clients’ business model, company culture and management styles before they can give truly effective advice. Doing so lets them become active partners with the management teams that lead these organizations, letting them move swiftly to resolve business challenges and capitalize on opportunities. Being active partners in their clients’ day-to-day operations lets them work more effectively and efficiently, because they can be ready to act in the client’s best interest when problems arise.

GLC’s clients enjoy practical benefits from this philosophy too. The firm’s team-based approach extends to their billing practices, where they place the needs of their clients first by offering flexible and monthly flat-fee plans to fit client budgetary resources and legal counsel needs. The approach also makes GLC more efficient because they don’t have to bill for hours spent getting up to speed on the client’s needs. And because they serve as active members of their client’s management teams, they can take on operational tasks like implementing policies, handling regulatory issues and drafting and reviewing agreements on behalf of their clients.

If you’re looking for general counsel that’s as passionate about your business’ success as you are, GLC is the firm that will provide it. Contact us to get the ball rolling.

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